I hear many times that a business owner says that they need more staff or they cannot find the right person, so here are my 10 tips for recruiting and retaining staff. 

They also say that there are plenty of people out there looking for work.  But how to find the best person to save your valuable time and money.

The recruiting and retaining process can be time-consuming and fraught with frustration. 

Don’t think that these 10 steps are only for the larger organisations.  They should be simplified for your size of operation.  You may not have a dedicated person who works with human resources and you may not be able to afford outsourcing, but you have to seriously decide on cost vs value. 

My 10 key framework for strategic HR is listed for you to think about where your business is, within the cycle. 

10 Tips for Recruiting and Retaining Staff

Recruiting and Retaining Staff takes a good business system

10 Tips for Recruiting and Retaining Staff

10 Tips for Recruiting and Retaining Staff Continued

All of these areas are interlinked and can reflect your strategic plan or business plan. Human Resources is usually in the top 3 biggest risks for any business.   

We can certainly help you with ideas and examples of how a variety of businesses have implemented these tips for recruiting and retaining staff.  

If you require any assistance then we are the experts for you.  Contact us via email or phone us to arrange a chat

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