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There is a huge amount of offers in circulation for any business to submit a tender application.  This is especially where the government or council is keen to get the economy moving forward.  Thanks to the interruptions from Covid19 many small to medium-sized businesses are in a good position to be considered.  

Applying for a Tender can be tedious.  I’m not saying it is easy and of course, it is time-consuming.  Yes, it may feel overwhelming but to be successful the time spent is minimal to the reward.  If you are an SME then you are usually time-poor and not as focussed on your writing skills, as may be required when submitting a proposal. 

The opportunities for you and your business could be the launchpad to expand your business. A successful tender can develop your brand and reputation. 

Working with an experienced Tender Writer will take the stress out of this project.  You may already have the information documented; it could just need collating into the format that is required.  

A tender requires you to prove how you will comply with the requirements of the project and provide the product/service on time and to the highest quality standards.  By gaining a good reputation with the business you gain from the tender, the reward is invaluable. 

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My 10 top tips for getting organized to make a tender application

  • Subscribe to your local and government agencies so you are first to know of upcoming tenders
  • Download the guidelines from a tender you may be interested in
  • Start gathering the key evidence. You may be required to obtain particular information
  • Note the deadline to submit.
  • Schedule to Submit your application early
  • Lodge exactly as you are required
  • Attachments are critical and must have easily identified file names
  • Show your current standings especially in relation to your track record
  • Never leave any section blank.  If you do not have evidence or information
  • Be up to date with your business and industry’s compliance

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