What cSi Courses Offer

Not everyone has time to study or take time away from their busy schedule.  But if you need to be facilitated ‘to get a job done’ then this is the best method.  

Our Number 1 course is the 12 Step program to Implement a Quality System.  This course is conducted by Carolyn Little so you will be getting live her extensive experience in business and quality systems. 

This 12 step program is scheduled monthly but if you are in a hurry then you can book the FastTrack held weekly.  

Each session will have Q&A, access to Resources and Templates to help you get started.  Small groups only or individual if that is what you want.  

Let me help you on your Quality Improvement Journey!  

30+ Years Experience

Who We Can help with a cSi course

  • Business Owners
  • Operations Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Quality Manager/Coordinators
  • A person looking for a career change (Quality Assurance Manager is No. 3 on the Skill Priority and in Demand List. No. 7 is External Auditor and No. 8 is Internal Auditor).

12 Step program | Implement a Quality System

  • Fundamentals of a Quality System
  • Legal Obligations for a business  
  • Conducting an Internal Audit
  • Developing a Strategic Plan
  • Risk Management Strategies
  • Implementing a Quality System
  • Project Management Principles
  • Records Management
  • Change Management
  • Positive and Negative Feedback
  • Document Management
  • Commitment of Management and Meetings
  • Applying for a Tender

Frequently Asked Question

Let cSi Consultancy help your business. Find out more

This is so you can have time to continue with your work for your business/job role.  You will attend the sessions but you also need time to implement what you are learning.  

This is a great idea for a person who is wishing to change careers or need to learn the role of Quality Manager.

The session will be recorded and you will be given access for a short time to review the video.  

At the end of the Program if you have attended and participated you will receive a document attesting to this.  

Yes you will have the confidence to apply for a job role such as Quality Assurance Manager; External auditor and Internal Auditor.  Refer to Skill Demand List.    

Yes for an extra fee to have your work personally reviewed with feedback you will receive a document outlining what you have studied and the competencies you have been successful.  This document can assist you with obtaining RPL or for your employer if you require professional development points.  .

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Fees and Charges will be announced shortly.

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